Financial Aid

Dallas International University offers a wide variety of Financial Aid opportunities to both undergraduate and graduate students. In just one application students can apply for need-based scholarships, work study, tuition discounts and more! Most qualified applicants receive aid so start your application today.

Types of Aid

Dallas International University offers several different scholarships ranging from 5%-40% of tuition. There are undergraduate and graduate level scholarships available. Most scholarships are based on financial need but some have other criteria such as field of study.  You do not need to apply separately for each scholarship. The Financial Aid office will determine eligibility based on your Financial Aid Application. One exception is the Literacy Megacourse Scholarship which requires students to complete specific course prerequisites and fill out the additional application.

Dallas International offers limited work study opportunities to students (up to 100 hrs at $10/hr).  To be eligible, you must apply for Dallas International financial aid online. Indicate your interest by requesting a work study assignment. There are a variety of work study opportunities each term. Work study is awarded based on financial need.

Fully Equipped Tuition Discount

Beginning Fall 2020, current and new MA-seeking students at Dallas International University who maintain full-time enrollment will receive a 33% tuition discount during Fall and Spring semesters. This discount can be applied to your tuition in addition to other scholarships you have been awarded (excluding other discounts). For more information, contact DIU Admissions at


BA Program Tuition Discounts

Students in our BA program are offered several tuition remission options to reduce tuition costs in addition to Scholarships. Contact if you think you may qualify for one of the discounts below.

Academic Tuition Remission – Dallas International will give a 25% tuition remission for Dallas International students who have:

  • an SAT score of at least 1300,
  • an ACT score of at least 28,
  • or a CLT score of at least 86,

and a 15% tuition remission for Dallas International students who have:

  • an SAT score of at least 1100,
  • an ACT score of at least 22,
  • or a CLT score of at least 72.

The essay portion of the SAT is not considered when determining qualifying scores. For the 25% remission you need to maintain a 3.2 GPA. Likewise, for the 15% remission, you need to maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Non-Profit Family Tuition Remission – Dallas International will give a 50% tuition remission for Dallas International students who are children of those serving/working full-time for a faith-based non-profit sending agency.

High School Study Grant – Dallas International will give a 50% tuition remission for high school students registering to take up to two select entry level, summer session, Undergraduate courses (IS 1301 Popular Culture and IS 1311 Biblical Cultural Studies).

*Dallas International University does not offer federal scholarships or student loans. Therefore, there is no need for applying through FAFSA.  However, students may receive deferments on FSA program loans and be eligible for the Lifetime Learning Scholarship tax credit on their federal taxes.

Simple Steps to Apply


Due to COVID-19, the deadline for submitting your financial aid application for the Spring term has been extended to November 1. Remember, you need to apply for financial aid each term, so don’t delay and get your application in!


  1. Complete your application to Dallas International University and note your Student ID number. You can find this number on your personal contact page on your Campus Café account.
  2. Visit the What will it cost page and the Net Price Calculator to help you respond to the “Estimated cost amount per term” and “How will you pay for your study program” questions asked on the Financial Aid Application.
  3. Fill out the Financial Aid Application online. Be sure to contact us or check out the Financial Aid FAQ if you need assistance.

Financial Aid applicants need to meet the following criteria:

  • Progress toward the completion of their study program
  • If the scholarship requires it, maintain a cumulative 3.00 GPA or better

More Financial Aid Resources

Students who qualify should check out our Military & Veterans page for more info.

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Students interested in the Literacy Megacourse can receive up to 70% tuition with this special scholarship. After applying for Financial Aid, click here to apply for this scholarship

We are here to help you every step of the way! Send us an email at or check out the Financial Aid FAQ online.

Scholarship recipients are responsible for meeting IRS requirements and obligations entailed by the receipt of scholarship funds. For any questions regarding the taxability and reporting requirements, please refer to IRS publication 970 “Tax Benefits for Education”. You can access the document online at