Accelerated BA/MA in Abrahamic Studies

Dual Degree Details

This dual BA/MA degree prepares students to work in the Abrahamic worlds of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam through gaining an understanding of the basic concepts and theories of these global cultures. Students will learn to compare and assess the areas of intersection among these faith communities, and may acquire language essentials for the study of the Abrahamic traditions. Students will be able to serve cross-culturally in and with Abrahamic communities and organizations based on respectful understanding of their beliefs and practices, engendering humanitarian contributions to local and global cultural goals. For more information, contact


DIU students first complete the BA-IS with minor in Abrahamic Studies. See for full details regarding this 121-credit program offered by the College of International Studies (CIS). Note below the wide array of courses relevant to Abrahamic Studies, which form the BA foundation upon which MA courses build:

Options for BA-IS General Education Categories and Level 1 & Level 2 Requirements
AC1305 Basic Biblical Hebrew (Area 2: Language and Cross-Cultural Studies)
AC2305 The Art of Hebrew Cantillation (Area 1: Communication and Creative Arts)
IS1312 History of Christianity (Area 3: History, Philosophy, and Religion)
IS1350 Dynamics of Religious Experience (Area 3: History, Philosophy, and Religion)

BA-IS Required Major Courses and Level 3 & Level 4 Requirements
Foreign Language
AC4341 Arabic 1
AC4342 Arabic 2
AC4343 Colloquial Arabic
AC4305 Introduction to Hebrew Scriptures (or AC5305 Historiography of the Hebrew Canon for dual credit)*
AC4306 Introduction to Greek Scriptures (or AC5306 Greek Scriptures in First Century Context for dual credit)*
IS1350 Dynamics of Religious Experience
IS3317 World Religions
IS3351 Dynamics of Cross-Cultural Service
IS4361 Cross-Cultural Communication

BA-IS Minor in Abrahamic Studies
AC33XX Early Church History
AC3305 Foundations of Torah
AC4311-OL Communication and Service in Muslim Contexts
AC4322 Abrahamic Shared Stories (or AC5322 Abrahamic Shared Stories for dual credit)*
AC4310 Introduction to Islam (or AC5310 Core Components of Islam for dual credit)*
IS43XX Hermeneutics

*Choose up to three 5000-level courses for dual BA/MA credit (bold=double counted). Students taking graduate courses for double-credit must have an approved petition on file.

Degree Requirements Part 2: Accelerated MA-AS with Major in Abrahamic Studies
Upon completion of the BA-IS with Abrahamic Studies Minor, students proceed to the 30-credit Accelerated MA-AS. When the student begins the MA portion of this degree program, they have only 21 credit hours of study remaining. See details below:


Academic Track Courses and Thesis Hours
Abrahamic Language: Arabic, Greek, or Hebrew (6 credits)

Thesis 6
Total Academic Track hours 12


Professional Track Courses and Comprehensive Exam: Hours
Choose 4 or 5 elective courses totaling 12 credit hours (any department) 12
Comprehensive Exam
Total Professional Track hours 12