Certificate in Applied Linguistics

Certificate Details

The Certificate in Applied Linguistics is designed to provide a foundational education necessary to learn minority languages and to develop written material in and about those languages. The program deals with principles basic to all languages and cultures around the world preparing a student to learn and work in any language even though it may be unwritten and undescribed.

Persons interested in this program should apply for either Undergraduate Admission or Graduate Admission at Dallas International. If previously enrolled in Gateway status at Dallas International, you will need to change your admission status.

A person with a Certificate in Applied Linguistics will have the basic preparation to do language-related work in a multi-lingual, multi-cultural environment. Students who complete the Certificate should:

  • Have an awareness of linguistics and cultural complexity
  • Have analytical skills for both linguistics and culture
  • Have skills to learn a second language

Completing the Certificate may provide entrance to these careers and fields of service:

  • Translation
  • Teaching in a mother-tongue context
  • Cross-language and cross-cultural work in a business or non-profit setting
  • Minority language literacy and language development
  • Language research and documentation

For more information, contact CAL-Coordinator@diu.edu.


There are no prerequisites for the Certificate in Applied Linguistics.  Persons interested in this program should apply for admission to Dallas International University.

Certificate Course Requirements (25 credits)