What is it?

The Certificate in Applied Linguistics provides foundational knowledge in linguistics to prepare individuals to do language-related work in multi-cultural, multi-lingual environments.

Program Highlights

Learn from professors with linguistic and field experience

Study with others who are passionate about linguistics

Combine linguistic theory with practical, hands-on experience

Take courses focusing on language and culture

Fit courses into your work schedule and personal life

Learn how to study minority languages

Prospective Careers

  • Cross-cultural workers
  • Development workers
  • Bible translators
  • Literacy workers
  • Church planters

What will it help me do?

  • Work effectively in a cross-cultural environment
  • Work alongside people speaking under-described languages
  • Language acquisition
  • Language documentation

Who is it for?

Present or future cross-cultural workers such as development workers, Bible translators, literacy workers, and church planners
Anyone pursuing a future Master’s degree in linguistics

Program Format

Intensive 1-year program or take at your own pace

Study In-Person or Online

Semester-long Courses

Clinical Hours for Acquiring Skills

Language Learning Lab Sessions

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