What is it?

The Certificate in Sign Language Linguistics provides a solid foundation for careers involving sign languages, especially those in other countries, by providing the skills needed to learn and analyze any sign language and provide technical support to deaf communities.

Program Highlights

18-month program either on-campus or online

Learn from instructors who have experience with many different sign languages

Learn technical skills and software for analyzing sign languages

Prepare to work with any sign language anywhere

Expand your knowledge beyond a single sign language

Study from anywhere in the world for most courses

What can I do with this education?

  • Use video cameras and video editing software effectively for documenting sign languages
  • Use special analytical software designed for use with sign languages
  • Notice and analyze important differences between sign languages
  • Support translation teams to produce clear, natural translations into their sign language

What will it help me do?

  • Understand the structure of your first sign language in greater depth
  • Learn a second sign language without an “accent” from your first sign language
  • Take advantage of known similarities between sign languages to jump start your acquisition

Who is it for?

Those who want to work with more than one sign language in areas such as survey, translation, interpretation, education, ethnoarts, and trauma healing

Program Format

18 Month Certificate Program

Study In-Person or Online

Fall, Spring, and Summer Semester Courses

1-2 Manageable Courses per Semester

Courses Taught in Internationalized ASL and Written English

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