Graduate Certificate in Scripture Engagement

Certificate Details

The Certificate in Scripture Engagement provides expertise in a particular domain of Scripture Engagement service as well as broad competency in Scripture Engagement. It prepares people to comprehensively understand Scripture Engagement  and address the issues that influence the acceptance and use of translated Scriptures. This program also provides participants with the opportunity to gain expertise in one particular area of Scripture Engagement such as orality, media, digital engagement, contextualization, etc. Participants will develop the ability to consult on SE issues and the needed skills to lead in specific areas of Scripture-Engagement interventions.

Students will complete the general core requirements (10 credit hours) and elective emphasis courses (6 credit hours) to complete this 16 credit hour graduate certificate.  Elective emphasis areas include Orality, Oral Bible Translation, Media Specialist, Digital Engagement, Ethnodoxology, World Arts, Multicultural Teamwork, Abrahamic Religions, and Contextualization.

Persons interested in this program should apply for Graduate Admission to DIU.  If previously enrolled at DIU in anything other than “graduate admission status”, you will need to change your admission status.

The Graduate Certificate in Scripture Engagement will enable students to:

  • In collaboration with others, analyze various factors influencing Scripture engagement
  • Explain the relationship between Scripture engagement and other aspects of missiology.
  • Work with members of a cultural group to prepare products and activities that will increase that community’s engagement with Scripture.
  • Apply Scripture Engagement strategies to a novel context.

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For AA5355/AA5355-OL Scripture Engagement Strategy and Methods:  AA4350 Language and Society or permission of the instructor. AA5355 is itself a prerequisite for AA5356 Current Issues in Scripture Engagement and for AA5392 Scripture Engagement Practicum. In addition, AA5356 requires one of the following: AA5373 Religion and Worldview, AA5374 Christianity across Cultures, or permission of the instructor. Some elective courses have their own prerequisites. See each course page of the current catalog for more information.

Certificate Course Requirements (10 credits)

The Certificate in Scripture Engagement requires the following four core courses (10 graduate credit hours).

AA5355/AA5355 Scripture Engagement Strategy and Methods focuses on the sociolinguistic, socioeconomic, sociopolitical, and socio-religious factors that either hinder or foster the use of vernacular literature. Practical strategies and activities that promote the use of Bible translations in public and private venues are central.

AA5356-OL Current Issues in Scripture Engagement Using a partially student-designed approach, course participants select specific Scripture engagement issues and skills they are interested in exploring more comprehensively. Emerging topics related to Scripture engagement are debated and students propose original contributions to the field of Scripture engagement. Students also develop skills in consulting and workshop design.

AA5392-PR Scripture Engagement Practicum equips students to research a people group’s religious worldview and help provide the most appropriate materials and activities that enhance the community’s engagement with Scripture. They partner with leaders to strengthen community engagement with Scripture at more times and in more ways.

AA5181 Special Project in Scripture Engagement (coming soon) enables students to synthesize their learning from the three foundational courses with their elective “emphases” courses. The Special Projects course will operate as an independent study under the supervision of an SE professor, where the student will be expected to submit a project, such as a research paper, presentation, or course outline, that is of high and applicable quality.

Elective Emphasis Course Recommendations (6 credits)

Students chose one area of emphasis and complete two courses within that area (6 graduate or undergraduate credit hours)

Area of Emphasis Recommended Elective Courses
1.      Orality IS 3356 Introduction to Orality and Storying
AA 5357 Oral Tradition and Literature
2.      Oral Bible Translation AA 5357 Oral Tradition and Literature
AL 5308-SL Oral Translation
3.      Trauma Healing WA 5383-IN Arts and Trauma Healing
AA 5374 Christianity Across Cultures or an area studies course
4.      Media Specialist WA 4322 Video Production and Editing
WA 4202 Audio and Visual Techniques for Fieldworkers
5.      Digital Engagement AA 53XX – Digital Engagement (coming soon)
WA 4202 Audio and Visual Techniques for Fieldworkers
6.      Ethnodoxology WA 5380-IN Theory and Practice of Ethnodoxology
WA 5381-IN Arts for a Better Future
7.      World Arts WA 5381-IN Arts for a Better Future
WA 5384 Expressive Form Analysis
8.      Multicultural Teamwork AA 5321-OL Multicultural Teamwork
AA5323 Multicultural Leadership
9.      Abrahamic Religions AC5310-OL Core components of Islam
AC5316-OL Dynamics of Contextualization
AC5312 Islam in the 21st century
10.  Co​ntextualization AA5373 Religion and Worldview
AA5374 Christianity Across Cultures