Granting the Certificate in Applied Linguistics

DIU will grant the Certificate in Applied Linguistics to Certificate students who complete the Certificate program at DIU. Once a student has successfully completed at least 13 semester hours toward the Certificate at DIU, a petition to recognize up to 12 semester hours of the Certificate, based on courses taken elsewhere, may be submitted. Recognized courses will not be included in the GPA calculation on the DIU transcript. The Petition to Receive the Certificate in Applied Linguistics form must be signed by the relevant course heads and filed in the Registrar’s Office.

To earn the Certificate in Applied Linguistics, students must successfully complete the 25-credit Certificate in Applied Linguistics program, with a minimum overall grade point average of 2.0 and a satisfactory final grade of at least “C” in each course taken at DIU and counting toward the Certificate.

The Certificate in Applied Linguistics is awarded at the end of the term in which all courses have been successfully completed or petitioned.