What is it?

The MA in Abrahamic Studies focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to work and research effectively in the Abrahamic worlds of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Program Highlights

Learn at the only accredited graduate program in Abrahamic studies in America.

Study with faculty who combine strong academics with decades of field experience.

Experience an environment of open inquiry into sensitive subjects with respectful engagement.

Combine academic training in the classroom with community involvement.

Fit full-time or part-time study into your work and personal life.

Be encouraged to think more deeply, rather than being told what to think.

Prospective Careers

  • Abrahamic religious community interfaith relations
  • Non-profit organization or ministry
  • Advanced academic degrees in Muslim-Christian, Jewish-Christian, or religious studies

What will it help me do?

  • Understand the basic beliefs and worldviews of Abrahamic cultures around the globe
  • Acquire language essentials for the study of the Abrahamic traditions
  • Learn how Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities intersect
  • Build bridges to respectfully engage with another Abrahamic community
  • Serve multiculturally in and with Abrahamic communities and organizations
  • Help local communities reach humanitarian goals

Who is it for?

Students who want to work with Abrahamic religious communities to engage in peace-making and interfaith relations

Program Format

36 Credit MA Program

Abrahamic Community Internship

Practical Application in Classes

Semester-long and Summer Courses

Choice of Professional or Academic Track


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