What is it?

The Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics is designed to produce graduates who can partner with communities in areas such as language development, translation, and descriptive linguistics.

Program Highlights

Learn from professors who have extensive field work experience working in minority languages.

Learn both the technical and interpersonal skills needed to work with under-described languages.

Combine a passion for biblical languages and under-described languages.

Combines theoretical linguistic knowledge with practical linguistic analysis.

Integrate basic linguistics and translation theory with trusted interpretive principles.

Work with professors who are deeply invested in their students’ success.

Prospective Careers

  • Bible Translation
  • Language Development
  • Linguistic Consulting

What will it help me do?

  • Collect language data, analyze it, and effectively present your findings
  • Work effectively in under-described languages
  • Understand, evaluate, and present linguistic research
  • Accurately exegete and translate the Bible (Bible Translation concentration)
  • Understand and contribute to professional linguistic literature (Descriptive Linguistics concentration)

Five Concentrations

Descriptive Linguistics: Study linguistics and communication for academic research and analysis of under-described languages.

Bible Translation: Understand the basics of competent Biblical exegesis and accurate translation of the Bible into minority languages.

Bible Translation and Arts: Learn how to help language communities use artistic expressions to support Scripture translation.

Bible Translation and Abrahamic Studies: Focus on the unique aspects of Bible translation that are relevant for areas in which Abrahamic religions are prevalent.

Bible Translation and Descriptive Linguistics: Combine knowledge of how to analyze source and target languages with principles of translation, all in a single degree.

Who is it for?

Students who work with or are interested in working with under-described languages
Students who are interested in helping communities document their language and produce language related materials 

Program Format

2-Year MA Program

All Courses Available by Distance

Practical Application in Classes

Semester-long Courses

Comprehensive Exam or Thesis

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