What is it?

This Master of Arts in Human Migration degree provides foundational education and training for leadership roles working among diaspora communities (i.e., refugees, immigrants, and migrants).

Program Highlights

Discover the diversity of diaspora language choice

Facilitate migrants’ healing from trauma

Understand cultural perspectives of diaspora communities

Empower diaspora communities economically

Provide effective educational interventions for migrants

Identify ways migrants engage with Scripture

Prospective Careers

  • Humanitarian Organizational Leadership
  • Refugee Resettlement Coordinator
  • Trauma Healing Specialist
  • Multilingual Education Specialist
  • Non-Profit or Ministry Mobilizer
  • Economic or Agricultural Development Specialist

What will it help me do?

  • Empathize with the migrant and diaspora communities’ experiences
  • Serve diverse language and culture groups effectively
  • Meet the educational, mental health, economic, and spiritual needs of diaspora communities
  • Mobilize volunteers from faith communities to serve migrant communities

Who is it for?

Those who love migrants and other cultures, including members of diaspora communities who wish to use their experiences to serve others, and faith community leaders who wish to serve migrants more effectively.

Program Format

2-Year MA Program

All Courses Available by Distance

Choose from 7 Concentrations

Semester-long and Intensive Courses

Mentorship and Practicum Provided

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