What is it?

The Master of Arts degree with a major in Language and Culture Studies is designed to produce graduates who are qualified to serve across cultures with communities in the areas of Literacy, Scripture Engagement, or Language Survey.

Program Highlights

Learn from professors who have extensive field work experience working in multicultural contexts.

Discover cultural aspects affecting education and literacy decision making

Be empowered to professionally explore a linguistically diverse world

Be equipped to propose appropriate innovations in collaboration with community leaders

Focus on working with communities in contexts around the world

Work with professors who are deeply invested in their students’ success.

Prospective Careers

  • Language Surveyor
  • Scripture Engagement Consultant
  • Literacy Specialist

What will it help me do?

  • Understand cultural issues influencing the effectiveness of Bible translation programs
  • Build healthy relationships with local leaders
  • Research barriers to engagement with Scripture
  • Understand language and dialect boundaries
  • Recommend appropriate language development activities
  • Implement multilingual education opportunities

Who is it for?

Students who love languages and education who want to see minority communities empowered to use their mother tongues for education, literacy, and engaging Scripture

Program Format

2-Year MA Program

All Courses Available by Distance

Practical Application in Classes

Semester-long Courses

Comprehensive Exam or Thesis

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