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A Holistic Field-Based Training Program: The Birthplace of Multiple Translation Projects in Southeast Tanzania and Ethiopia
by Barry Funnell, M.A.
The Word for the World

Mentoring as Empowering: The Mentoring of Translation Consultants-in-Training
by Fritz Goerling, Ph.D.
SIL International Translation Consultant

Theological Training and Mother-Tongue Translators
by Gilles Gravelle, Ph.D.
International Coordinator for Project Development
The Seed Company

Training for Translation: How Can We be More Integrative in Our Approach? A View from the Formal Education Perspective in Africa
by Elizabeth J. Olsen
SIL, Pan Africa Christian University

Mentoring Meaning: Bridging the Cognitive Gap between Biblical and Receptor Worldviews
by Murray Salisbury

Train for Success, Guide to Significance
by Wolf Seiler
SIL Translator and Consultant

Book Review: Andrea Edmundson, ed. Globalized E-Learning Cultural Challenges. Hershey, PA: Information Science Publishing, 2007.
by Tim Hatcher
North Eurasia Group, SIL