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Biblical Backgrounds Training for Translators
by Kathy Bruce, D. Miss.
Dallas International University

Domain Theory in Language
by Ivan Lowe, Ph.D.
SIL International

What Place Does Cultural Anthropology Have in Translation Programs for the 21st Century?
by Carol McKinney, Ph.D. and Elinor Abbot, Ph.D.
Dallas International University; and SIL International Anthropology Consultant

Tools and Training for Mother-Tongue Bible Translators
by Keith Patman and Carole Fennig, M.A.
SIL, French Translator’s Notes Team; and SIL, Africa Area (Translator’s Notes French Coordinator)

On the Relationship Among Training, Mentoring, and Education
by Robert B. Reed, Ph.D.
Dallas International University

A Study Program in the Land of the Bible as a Method for Training Translators: Biblical Text in Context
by Mirja Ronning
Home for Bible Translators