Dallas International University (DIU) reserves the right to take photographs and video of campus facilities, events, faculty, staff, students, and guests. DIU may use photos, videos, and/or audio of employees, students, or guests in any medium for any purpose that DIU, and those acting pursuant to its authority, deems appropriate. Use cases may include (but are not limited to) various publications, websites, social media, newsletters, programs, brochures, and advertising. Such use is made without compensation, and all image(s) collected and maintained by DIU are and shall remain the property of DIU.

This policy does not allow DIU to override FERPA regulations for those students who have restricted the university’s permission to share directory information with a third party. Information about FERPA can be found on the DIU website here: https://diu.edu/registrar/ferpa/

All faculty, staff, and students (or parent/guardian if under 18) must sign image use consent and liability release.

Individuals have the right to opt out of DIU’s use of images that are directly related to them. An image is directly related to an individual when:

· The individual is a main focus. This includes images of the individual alone, in a group of up to three, or in a larger group setting focused on the individual alone. OR

· It includes personally identifiable information about the individual.

DIU retains the right to collect and use any images which are not directly related to an individual.