Inaugural Editorial
Scott Berthiaume

Introduction to the Kwakum People and Language
David M. Hare and Stacey A. Hare

Kwakum Orthography Guide
Stacey A. Hare

“Signing Off” Versus “Giving Input”: The Changing Role of Bible Translation Consulting in the 21st Century
Larry B. Jones

Mentoring a Mother Tongue Speaker
Karl J. Franklin


Brannan, Rick and Ken M. Penner, The Lexham English Septuagint: A New Translation
William Varner

Kutz, Karl V., and Rebekah L. Josberger. Learning Biblical Hebrew: Reading for Comprehension: An Introductory Grammar
Douglas Smith

Mammadov, Azad, Misgar Mammadov, and Jamila Rasulova, Repetition in Discourse
Todd A. Scacewater

Mathewson, David L. and Elodie B. Emig, Intermediate Greek Grammar: Syntax for Students of the New Testament
Ryan Lytton

Mburu, Elizabeth, African Hermeneutics
Tobias J. Houston

Miller, David R, Greek Pedagogy in Crisis: A Pedagogical Analysis and Assessment of New Testament Greek in Twenty-First-Century Theological Education
Kyle J. Keesling, Jr.

Reymond, Eric, Qumran Hebrew: An Overview of Orthography, Phonology and Morphology
Charles Crouch

Thompson, Alan J., Luke
Volodymyr Lavrushko

Zacharias, H. Daniel, Biblical Greek Made Simple
Travis J. Montgomery

Zufferey, Sandrine, Jacques Moeschler, and Anne Reboul, Implicatures
Todd A. Scacewater