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You can help us provide the best for our students. The Dallas International University Library subscribes to various linguistic journals. These materials are useful to both faculty and students alike. Your gift would help defray the cost of maintaining these subscriptions.  Subscription prices range from $100 to $1,000


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“The Dallas International librarians work hard to keep the collection up to date with new resources on the latest language & culture-related theories and research. As a student exploring the stacks during study breaks, it was also fun to stumble upon hidden gems of linguistic history.”

Emma C. ’06


Tip of the Month

When you see the message of “0 of 1 available” or any similar message in the library catalog, please come and speak to a library staff member before requesting the item through interlibrary loan. We have a very sharing community here, and you may be able to obtain the item faster (and less expensively) if a library staff member “recalls” it from a current borrower. It might also be readily available on the Course Readings shelves.