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Call Number Title Author/ Editor Series
201.64 O85p 2016 Passwords to paradise : how languages have re-invented world religions Ostler, Nicholas
230 P384c vol.3 1978 The Christian tradition : a history of the development of doctrine Pelikan, Jaroslav
253 M818i 2017 Intercultural discipleship : learning from global approaches to spiritual formation Moon, W. Jay Encountering mission
264.019 S545i 1966 Introduction to liturgical theology Shmeman, Aleksandr
305.906914 O98f 2014 The Oxford handbook of refugee and forced migration studies edited by Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Gil Loescher, Katy Long, Nando Sigona
306.44 C734a 2017 Commands : a cross-linguistic typology edited by Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald and R.M.W. Dixon Oxford linguistics
398.20938 B724h 2017 The book of Greek and Roman folktales, legends, and myths edited, translated, and introduced by William Hansen ; with illustrations by Glynnis Fawkes
398.20973 G751h 2016 Grand theory in folkloristics edited by Lee Haring  Encounters : explorations in folklore and ethnomusicology
401.41 H236df 2015 The handbook of narrative analysis edited by Anna De Fina & Alexandra Georgakopoulou
401.430183 O98f 2016 The Oxford handbook of information structure edited by Caroline Féry and Shinichiro Ishihara
401.456 G539s 2017 The story of zero Givón, Talmy
410.723 W924s 2018 Word hunters : field linguists on fieldwork edited by Hannah Sarvasy, Diana Forke Studies in language companion series (SLCS), volume 194
413.028094 C755s 2017 Small dictionaries and curiosity : lexicography and fieldwork in post-medieval Europe Considine, John (John P.)
415 M984s 2017 The semantics of evidentials Murray, Sarah E. Oxford linguistics
415 P768d 2016 Deconstructing ergativity : two types of ergative languages and their features Polinsky, Maria Oxford studies in comparative syntax
415.018 O98h 2013 The Oxford handbook of construction grammar  edited by Thomas Hoffmann and Graeme Trousdale
415.6 O98n 2016 The Oxford handbook of modality and mood edited by Jan Nuyts and Johan van der Auwera Oxford handbooks in linguistics
415.7 P897r 2017 The pragmatics of negation : negative meanings, uses and discursive functions edited by Malin Roitman  Pragmatics & beyond new series, vol. 283
415.9 B647w 2016 Word and paradigm morphology Blevins, James P. Oxford linguistics
415.9 O98L 2014 The Oxford handbook of derivational morphology  edited by Rochelle Lieber and Pavol Štekauer Oxford Handbooks in linguistics
415.95 U55b 2015 Understanding and measuring morphological complexity edited by Matthew Baerman, Dunstan Brown, and Greville G. Corbett
418. 0201 P996e 2014 Exploring translation theories Pym, Anthony
492.75 W743a 2014 Arabic indefinites, interrogatives, and negators : a linguistic history of western dialects Wilmsen, David William Oxford studies in diachronic and historical linguistics ; 14
495.7 H236b 2015 The handbook of Korean linguistics edited by Lucien Brown, Jaehoon Yeon Blackwell handbooks in linguistics