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Call No. Title Author/Editor Series
264.2 H943m c1987,2002 Music in missions : discipling through music Hunt, T. W.
264.23 E75s 1980 Sing with understanding : an introduction to Christian hymnology Eskew, Harry
305.898323 S293e 1988 La etnografía muchik en las fotografías de H. Brüning, 1886-1925 Schaedel, Richard P.
372.87 C189s 1998 Songs in their heads : music and its meaning in children’s lives Campbell, Patricia Shehan
390.072 F666d 1972 Folklore and folklife : an introduction edited by Richard M. Dorson
392.14089972 F917k 1993 Kinaaldá : a study of the Navaho girl’s puberty ceremony Frisbie, Charlotte Johnson
398.2 F514o 1977 Oral poetry : its nature, significance, and social context Finnegan, Ruth H.
398.208997 B961i 1968 The Indians’ book Burlin, Natalie Curtis
398.209439 F666d 1965 Folktales of Hungary edited by Linda Dégh Series: Folktales of the world
615.85154 G495h 2006 Healing songs Gioia, Ted
745.2 H349i 1980 Industrial design Heskett, John Series: World of art library
780.71 G348t 1987 Teaching the music of six different cultures  George, Luvenia A.
780.721 E55c 2004 Empirical musicology : aims, methods, prospects edited by Eric Clarke and Nicholas Cook
780.89 H326p 1991 Planet drum : a celebration of percussion and rhythm Hart, Mickey
780.8968 G356s 1989 Salsa! : the rhythm of Latin music Gerard, Charley Series: Performance in world music series
780.8996 T942d 1999 Turn up the volume! : a celebration of African music Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje, editor
780.8996073 C153d 1998 California soul : music of African Americans in the West edited by Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje and Eddie S. Meadows Series: Music of the African diaspora ; 1
780.89963977 C784i 1994 In the time of cannibals : the word music of South Africa’s Basotho migrants Coplan, David B. Series: Chicago studies in ethnomusicology
780.8997524 D413t 1992 Teton Sioux music and culture Densmore, Frances
780.899915 E47a 1985 Aboriginal music, education for living : cross-cultural experiences from South Australia Ellis, Catherine J.
780.9 E34n 1978 Eight urban musical cultures : tradition and change edited by Bruno Nettl
780.9 E96h 1999 Exploring the world of music : an introduction to music from a world music perspective Dorothea E. Hast, general editor ; James R. Cowdery ; Stan Scott
780.9 F614w 2001 World musics in context : a comprehensive survey of the world’s major musical cultures Fletcher, Peter
780.9 H224c 1975 Contemporary music and music cultures Hamm, Charles
780.9 H326s 2003 Songcatchers : in search of the world’s music Hart, Mickey
780.9 M294p 1988 Popular musics of the non-Western world : an introductory survey Manuel, Peter
780.9415 O15t 1993 Traditional music in Ireland Ó Canainn, Tomás
780.951 P831b 1988 Popular songs and ballads of Han China [edited and compiled by] Anne Birrell
780.967 B817m 1973 The music of central Africa ; an ethnomusicological study : former French Equatorial Africa, the former Belgian Congo, Ruanda-Urundi, Uganda, Tanganyi  Brandel, Rose
780.97292 I25j 1994 I have a news : rhymes from the Caribbean collected by Walter Jekyll
781.11 P974d 1999 The psychology of music edited by Diana Deutsch Series: Academic Press series in cognition and perception
781.224 C776r 1960 The rhythmic structure of music Cooper, Grosvenor W.
781.258 F737t 1962 Tonal harmony in concept and practice Forte, Allen
781.65 G847j 2000 Jazz styles : history & analysis Gridley, Mark C.
Gridley, Mark C. Baroque music Palisca, Claude V. Series: Prentice-Hall history of music series
792.8072 R432f 1999 Researching dance : evolving modes of inquiry edited by Sondra Horton Fraleigh and Penelope Hanstein
792.80967 R196d 1975 Dance and society in Eastern Africa, 1890-1970 : the Beni ngoma Ranger, T. O.
809.144 G377b 1957 The ballad of tradition Gerould, Gordon Hall
812.54 H249r 1988 A raisin in the sun Hansberry, Lorraine