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Call Number Title Author/ Editor Series
201.72 R382f 1990 Religion and law : Biblical-Judaic and Islamic perspectives edited by Edwin B. Firmage, Bernard G. Weiss, John W. Welch
201.7632 S121n 2015 Not in God’s name : confronting religious violence Sacks, Jonathan
 220.5 H646b 2006 The Bible at cultural crossroads : from translation to communication Hill, Harriet S.
221.83058 S736e 1998 Ethnicity and identity in ancient Israel : prolegomena to the study of ethnic sentiments and their expression in the Hebrew Bible  Sparks, Kenton L.
 222.1106 S121g 2009 Genesis, the book of beginnings : Covenant & conversation, a weekly reading of the Jewish Bible Sacks, Jonathan Covenant and conversation
222.1206 S121e 2010 Exodus, the book of redemption : Covenant & conversation, a weekly reading of the Jewish Bible Sacks, Jonathan Covenant and conversation
 222.1306 S121L 2015 Leviticus, the book of holiness : Covenant & conversation, a weekly reading of the Jewish Bible Sacks, Jonathan Covenant and conversation
222.1406 S121n 2017 Numbers, the wilderness years : Covenant & conversation, a weekly reading of the Jewish Bible Sacks, Jonathan Covenant and conversation
227.5077 B346e 2016 Ephesians  Baugh, S. M. Evangelical exegetical commentary
239.7 G313i 2004 I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist Geisler, Norman L.
246 D998v 2001 Visual faith : art, theology, and worship in dialogue Dyrness, William A.  Engaging culture
261.27 N996s 2017 Stubborn perseverance : how to launch multiplying movements of disciples and churches among Muslims and others (a story based on real events) Nyman, James.
261.7 S681w 2009 Welcoming the stranger : justice, compassion & truth in the immigration debate Soerens, Matthew
261.8 M996e 2017 Engaging globalization : the poor, Christian mission, and our hyperconnected world  Myers, Bryant L. Mission in global community
261.8328 B347s 2016 Seeking refuge : on the shores of the global refugee crisis Bauman, Stephan
266 L879b 2012 A better way : make disciples wherever life happens Losch, Dale
 266.001 S813b 1999 Business as usual in the missions enterprise? Steffen, Tom A.
266.00683 T291 2010 Tender care : the heart and soul of caring for God’s scattered servants : a conversation with the Seabrook seven.
266.0092 W787p 2012 Ralph D. Winter : early life and core missiology Parsons, Greg H.
266.009599 T262j 1982 Juan Villaverde, O.P. : missionary and road builder, 1841-1897 : a history of the Dominican missions in Ifugao Tejón, Guillermo Orientalia Dominicana ; no. 1
270 S545c 2013 Church history in plain language Shelley, Bruce L.
289.940994 H655r 2017 The Hillsong movement examined : you call me out upon the waters Tanya Riches, Tom Wagner, editors Christianity and renewal : interdisciplinary studies
297.1225 L419k 2017 The Koran in English : a biography Lawrence, Bruce B. Lives of great religious books
302 E56c 2017 The concept of action Enfield, N. J.  New Departures In Anthropology
306.364 B565h 1991 Hunter-gatherers : archaeological and evolutionary theory Bettinger, Robert L Interdisciplinary contributions to archaeology
306.364 H945p 2001 Hunter-gatherers : an interdisciplinary perspective edited by Catherine Panter-Brick, Robert H. Layton and Peter Rowley-Conwy The Biosocial Society symposium series ; 13
306.40899634 G686p 1993 Parallel worlds : an anthropologist and a writer encounter Africa Gottlieb, Alma
306.44 P416c 2017 The cultural politics of English as an international language  Pennycook, Alastair
306.446 D994p 2017 Dynamics of linguistic diversity  edited by Hagen Peukert and Ingrid Gogolin. Hamburg studies on linguistic diversity, volume 6
333.75 L641h 1990 Lessons of the rainforest edited by Suzanne Head and Robert Heinzman
333.7509595 A291v 1995 Vanishing rain forests : the ecological transition in Malaysia  Aiken, S. Robert Oxford monographs on biogeography ; 5
33.7509599 K96d 1991 Deforestation in the postwar Philippines Kummer, David M. University of Chicago geography research paper ; no. 234
401.43 M918i 2017 Motion and space across languages : theory and applications edited by Iraide Ibarretxe-Antuñano Human cognitive processing, 59
401.45 P897g 2015 The pragmatics of personal pronouns Edited by Laure Gardelle, ENS de Lyon, UMR ICAR ; Sandrine Sorlin, Aix-Marseille University, LERMA, IUF Studies in language companion series ; 171
410.1 C178a 2017 The Cambridge handbook of linguistic typology edited by Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald and R.M.W. Dixon Cambridge handbooks in language and linguistics
410.721 G763q 2017 Quantitative research methods for linguists : a questions and answers approach for students Grant, Tim
414 L154v 2012 Vowels and consonants Ladefoged, Peter
 414 P574r 2015 The phonetics-phonology interface : representations and methodologies edited by Joaquín Romero, María Riera, Universitat Rovira I Virgili, Tarragona Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 335
415 B842L 2016 Lexical-functional syntax Bresnan, Joan Blackwell textbooks in linguistics
415 M831i 2013 Introducing language typology Moravcsik, Edith A. Cambridge introductions to language and linguistics
415.7 D611b 2017 Discourse particles : formal approaches to their syntax and semantics edited by Josef Bayer and Volker Struckmeier Linguistische arbeiten
415.9 A769w 2011 What is morphology? Aronoff, Mark Fundamentals of linguistics
415.9 B141m 2017 Morphological complexity Baerman, Matthew Cambridge Studies in Linguistics ; 153
415.92 B344c 2017 Compounds and compounding Bauer, Laurie Cambridge Studies in Linguistics ; 155
495.10145 X8d 2016 Displaying recipiency : reactive tokens in Mandarin task-oriented interaction Xu, Jun Studies in Chinese language and discourse, 6
495.15 R332h 2016 A reference grammar of Chinese edited by Chu-Ren Huang, Dingxu Shi
 610.938 H931L 2016 Ḥunayn ibn Isḥāq on his Galen translations : a parallel English-Arabic text edited and translated by John C. Lamoreaux with an appendix by Grigory Kessel Eastern Christian texts
631.5818 P483s 1988 Slash and burn : farming in the Third World forest Peters, William John
809.1 W335h 1995 How to kill a dragon : aspects of Indo-European poetics Watkins, Calvert
920 B988s 2014 The secret thoughts of an unlikely convert : an English professor’s journey into Christian faith Butterfield, Rosaria Champagne
 959.9 S819p 1994 The Philippines : a singular and a plural place Steinberg, David Joel Nations of the modern world
959.9047 C712p 1989 The Philippines : fire on the rim Collins, Joseph
 967 V279p 1990 Paths in the rainforests : toward a history of political tradition in equatorial Africa Vansina, Jan
Vansina, Jan Hunters of the northern forest: designs for survival among Alaskan Kutchin Nelson, Richard K.
972.812 S399f 1990 Forest society : a social history of Petén, Guatemala Schwartz, Norman B.