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Call Number Title Author/ Editor Series
153.54 L399s 1991 Situated learning : legitimate peripheral participation Lave, Jean Learning in doing
153.68 N321L 2009 The lost art of listening : how learning to listen can improve relationships Nichols, Michael P.
220.61 M982b 2017 Bible engagement basics Murray, Lawson W.
220.7096 A258a.F 2008 Commentaire biblique contemporain Tokunboh Adeyemo, Solomon Andria, Issiaka Couli
220.832054 G877b 2002 Biblical ideas of nationality : ancient and modern Grosby, Steven Elliott
220.858 M129p 1999 Les plantes dans la Bible Maillat, Jean
220.91 S897a 1999 Atlas Biblique : un aperçu cartographique du Monde de la Bible Strange, John
220.9505 B582c 1997 La Bible de la famille Claude-Bernard Costecalde
220.9505 B582p 2000 La Bible pour enfants
220.9505 H358i 1994 La Bible illustrée : l’histoire, les Textes, les documents Hastings, Selina
221.44 B268c 1987 Comparative philology and the text of the Old Testament : with additions and corrections Barr, James
221.66 T151t 2010 Text and canon of the Hebrew Bible : collected studies Talmon, Shemaryahu
223.206 P665s 2017 Shaped by God : Thinking & feeling in tune with the Psalms Piper, John
223.7066 S671t 1993 Twice-told Proverbs and the composition of the book of Proverbs Snell, Daniel C.
225.541 B716 1974 Bonnes nouvelles aujourd’hui : Le Nouveau Testament en français courant avec 210 illustrations en couleurs  traduit d’après le texte grec ; edité par les Sociétés bibliques
226.207 B878m 2015 Matthew Brown, Jeannine K. Teach the text commentary series
226.3077 B665m 2015 Mark Bock, Darrell L. New Cambridge Bible commentary
226.5077 K675j 2016 John : Zondervan exegetical commentary on the New Testament Klink, Edward W., III
227.077 W823L 2006 Letters and homilies for Hellenized Christians. Volume I. A socio-rhetorical commentary on Titus, 1-2 Timothy and 1-3 John Witherington, Ben, III
227.106 G282w 2016 When in Romans : an invitation to linger with the gospel according to Paul Gaventa, Beverly Roberts Theological explorations for the Church Catholic
227.1077 B618r 2016 Romans : The story of God Bible commentary Bird, Michael F. The Story of God Bible commentary. New Testament series ; 6
227.207 V253f 2014 1 Corinthians Vang, Preben  Teach the text commentary series
227.4077 D229g 2014 Galatians Das, A. Andrew Concordia commentary: a theological exposition of sacred scripture
227.6077 H477p 2015 Philippians : exegetical guide to the Greek New Testament Hellerman, Joseph H. The Exegetical guide to the Greek New Testament (EGGNT)
227.87077 S378c 2015 Commentary on Hebrews Schreiner, Thomas R. Biblical theology for Christian proclamation
227.92077 F312f 2008 The first letter of Peter : a commentary on the Greek text Feldmeier, Reinhard
227.92077 W823L 2007 Letters and homilies for Hellenized Christians. Volume II, A socio-rhetorical commentary on 1-2 Peter Witherington, Ben, III
227.94077 D433f 2014 1, 2 & 3 John Derickson, Gary W. Evangelical exegetical commentary
228.077 K78r 2014 Revelation : a new translation with introduction and commentary Koester, Craig R. The Anchor Yale Bible ; volume 38A
250 Z39L 2011 Letters to the house church movement : real letters, real people, real issues Zdero, Rad
261 W957i vol.1 2016 Intercultural hermeneutics Wrogemann, Henning Missiological engagements
261 W957i vol.2 2018 Theologies of mission Wrogemann, Henning Missiological engagements
261.270973 B575e 2017 Engaging Muslims and Islam : lessons for 21st-century American evangelicals Bhatia, Amit A. Urban ministry in the 21st century : global faiths ; 1
261.8325 S531n 1996 Sharing good news with the poor edited by Bruce J. Nicholls and Beulah Wood
266.001 S152g 2001 The great omission : fulfilling Christ’s commission is possible if …  Saint, Steve
277.3081 L848r 1998 The revival of 1857-58 : interpreting an American religious awakening  Long, Kathryn Religion in America series
300.72 C734L 1988 Common problems/proper solutions : avoiding error in quantitative research edited by J. Scott Long Sage focus editions ; 94
300.72 C923q 2018 Qualitative inquiry and research design : choosing among five approaches Creswell, John W.
300.721 M367d 1989 Designing qualitative research Marshall, Catherine
305.89838 H986a 1956 Affable savages : an anthropologist among the Urubu Indians of Brazil Huxley, Francis
306 C968a 1990 Culture and society : contemporary debates edited by Jeffrey C. Alexander, Steven Seidman
306.349 C755p 1999 Consequences of cultivar diffusion edited by Leonard Plotnicov and Richard Scaglion Ethnology monographs; no. 17
306.364 H945b 2004 Hunter-gatherers in history, archaeology and anthropology edited by Alan Barnard
307.7209599 L324p 1972 The Pampangans; colonial society in a Philippine province Larkin, John A.
332.153209599 B446d 1982 Development debacle : The World Bank in the Philippines Bello, Walden F.
333.750913 S927c 1993 The Struggle for land and the fate of the forests edited by Marcus Colchester & Larry Lohmann
333.75098 T856p 1993 Tropical rainforests : Latin American nature and society in transition Susan E. Place, editor Jaguar books on Latin America ; 2
370.117 B187e 2011 Enhancing learning of children from diverse language backgrounds : mother tongue-based bilingual or multilingual education in the early years Ball, Jessica
371.829 U56m 2007 Mother tongue-based literacy programmes : Case studies of good practice in Asia  UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education
411.7 P497w 2016 The world’s oldest alphabet : Hebrew as the language of the proto-consonantal script Petrovich, Douglas
415.6 V477L 2015 Verb classes and aspect edited by Elisa Barrajón López, José Luis Cifuentes Honrubia, Susana Rodríguez Rosique IVITRA Research in linguistics and literature, 9
495. 9183421 S378L 2004 Learn Thai easily Schreiber, Chris
495.922 C543v 2017 Ngôn ngữ, văn tự và chống chủ nghĩa bá quyền = Vietnamese spirit : Language, orthography and anti-hegemony Chiung, Wi-vun Taiffalo
496 T664a 2007 Tone systems in African languages Rose-Juliet Anyanwu (ed.) Frankfurter afrikanistische Blätter 17
499.1205 W926d vol.62 2017 Urim Kalpm texts Wood, Joyce Kathleen Data papers on Papua New Guinea languages ; v. 62
577.34 L349c 1990 The last rain forests : a world conservation atlas edited by Mark Collins
616.852106 Y54L 2005 The little book of trauma healing : when violence strikes and community security is threatened Yoder, Carolyn
631.523 S655t 1992 Tropical forests and their crops  Smith, Nigel J. H.
658.4 N532s 1997 A new paradigm of leadership : visions of excellence for 21st century organizations Ken Shelton, editor
780.94 S625n 1968 Nationalism in music Sizemore, L. Edward
801.9 C951d 1975 The dark interval : towards a theology of story Crossan, John Dominic
808.51 L933a 2007 The art of public speaking Lucas, Stephen
920 C592s 2013 Saudades : Brazilian family memories from monarchy to millennium Clark-Weaver, Annita