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Call Number Title Author/ Editor Series
223.2066 W471s 2017 Studies in the Psalms : literary-structural analysis with application to translation Wendland, Ernst R. Publications in translation and textlinguistics ; 8
266.00681 J68m 2014 More than money, more than faith : successfully raising missionary support in the 21st century Johnson, Paul I.
266.00681 S524g 2013 The God ask Shadrach, Steve
 266.00681 W724n 2012 Never do fundraising again : a paradigm shift from donors to lifelong partners  Williams, Ken L.
275.603 P412e 2015 Envisioning Islam : Syriac Christians and the early Muslim world Penn, Michael Philip Divinations : rereading late ancient religion
281.909174927 O77n 2014 The Orthodox church in the Arab world, 700-1700 : an anthology of sources Samuel Noble and Alexander Treiger (eds.)
303.4827306 D572a 2017 Acclimated to Africa : cultural competence for Westerners DiGennaro, Debbi Publications in ethnography ; 45
304.2 R314e 1996 Redefining nature : ecology, culture, and domestication Roy Ellen and Katsuyoshi Fukui (eds.) Explorations in anthropology
305.5609599 F138a 1986 Faces of Philippine poverty : four cases from the Visayas Ricardo G. Abad, Rowe V. Cadeliña, and Violeta Lopez-Gonzaga (eds.)
305.8961 K14L 1976 Kalahari hunter-gatherers : studies of the !Kung San and their neighbors Richard B. Lee and Irven DeVore (eds.)
305.8961092 S559n 1981 Nisa, the life and words of a !Kung woman Shostak, Marjorie
305.89921 E56b 1979 Batek Negrito religion : the world-view and rituals of a hunting and gathering people of Peninsular Malaysia Endicott, Kirk M.
305.89921 G642p 1983 Peasants in the hills : a study of the dynamics of social change among the Buhid swidden cultivators in the Philippines Gonzaga, Violeta B. Lopez A U.P. diamond jubilee publication
305.89921 N713s 1972 The sea people of Sulu; a study of social change in the Philippines Nimmo, Harry Studies in social and economic change
305.89921 S679j 1983 Jamoyawon ritual : a territorial concept Sodusta, Jesucita L. A U.P. diamond jubilee publication
305.89921 W749i 1967 Ilongot life and legends Wilson, Laurence L.
333.709599 B863p 1993 Plundering paradise : the struggle for the environment in the Philippines  Broad, Robin
333.7509599 V854p 1993 Power from the forest : the politics of logging Vitug, Marites Dañguilan
338.1967 F686b 1990 Food and nutrition in the African rain forest : selected data from the research team in food anthropology “Anthropologie alimentaire différentielle”  C.M. Hladik, S. Bahuchet and I. de Garine (eds.)
393.094965 K82d 2012 Death and ritual crying : an anthropological approach to Albanian funeral customs Kondi, Bledar
400 R981j 2014 The Routledge handbook of language and intercultural communication Jane Jackson (ed.) Routledge handbook of applied linguistics
401.43 S933a 2017 Studies in figurative thought and language Angeliki Athanasiadou (ed.) Human cognitive processing, volume 56
404.2096711 M961m 2017 Multilingualism as a model : fifty-four years of coexistence of English and French with native languages in Cameroon = Modèle de multilinguisme : cinq Lozzi Martial Meutem Kamtchueng, Pauline Lydienne King Ebéhédi (eds.) Stil: Kreativität – Variation – Komparation ; Band 9
414 S672t 2018 Tone analysis for field linguists Snider, Keith L.
415.5 A838b 2017 Aspect and valency in nominals  Maria Bloch-Trojnar, Anna Malicka-Kleparska (eds.) Studies in generative grammar, volume 134
415.6 I56j 2017 Infinitives at the syntax-semantics interface : a diachronic perspective  Łukasz Jędrzejowski, Ulrike Demske (eds.) Trends in linguistics: studies and monographs ; 306
415.62 G745h 2017 The grammaticalization of tense, aspect, modality and evidentiality : a functional perspective  Kees Hengeveld, Heiko Narrog, Hella Olbertz (eds.) Trends in linguistics studies and monographs, volume 311
415.9 S934m 2013 Morphological typology : from word to paradigm Stump, Gregory T. Cambridge Studies in Linguistics ; 138
415.95 S929i 2016 Inflectional paradigms : content and form at the syntax-morphology interface Stump, Gregory T.  Cambridge studies in linguistics ; 149
99.287 W673p sup 1979 Pattani Malay dictionary : for O.M.F. fellow-workers in South Thailand Wilding, Anne