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Call No. Title Author/Editor Series
 930.1 T828h 1989 A history of archaeological thought Trigger, Bruce G.
220.561 B582 1986 Santa Biblia : la Biblia de las Américas : con referencias y notas.
220.61 Z87 1999 Zondervan handbook to the Bible.
227.87066 D324s 2017 A semantic and structural analysis of Hebrews Deibler, Ellis W.
232.901 R479j 1991 The illustrated life of Jesus Christ Rhymer, Joseph
246.72 R878g 2004 A guide to ethnodramatology : developing culturally appropriate drama in cross-cultural Christian communication : a comparative study of the dramas of Rowe, Julisa (Julisa Faye)
248.3 M116u 198 The ultimate priority : John Macarthur, Jr. on worship. 248.3 M116u 198
264 B959w 1982 Worship Burkhart, John E.
264 L719p 1988 People in the presence of God : models and directions for worship Liesch, Barry Wayne
264 T443k 1995 Things they didn’t teach me in worship leading school compiled and edited by Tom Kraeute
264.008997 C459m 2003 The chant of life : inculturation and the people of the land Mark L. MacDonald, editor Liturgical studies ; 4
264.009 T747w 2012 Worship through the ages : how the great awakenings shape evangelical worship Towns, Elmer L.
264.009 W372w 1982 Worship, old and new Webber, Robert E
264.2 B168L 1994 Let the whole world sing : the story behind the music of Lausanne II Bakke, Corean
264.2 K89w 1997 The worship leader’s handbook : practical answers to tough questions Kraeuter, Tom
264.2 L719n 1996 The new worship : straight talk on music and the church Liesch, Barry Wayne
266.009951 R522p.S 1976 Hijo de paz Richardson, Don
266.0237 B739w 2012 Western Christians in global mission : what’s the role of the North American church? Borthwick, Paul
299.92 R489j 1974 John Frum he come : a polemical work about a Black tragedy Rice, Edward
301.01 R287e 2001 Readings for a history of anthropological theory edited by Paul A. Erickson and Liam D. Murphy
305.800723 K97f 1998 Field ethnography : a manual for doing cultural anthropology Kutsche, Pau
306.097 R484a 1971 The Americas and civilization Ribeiro, Darcy
306.44 J94s 2018 Speaking up : understanding language and gender Julé, Allyson
306.446 M961L 2018 The multilingual citizen : towards a politics of language for agency and change edited by Lisa Lim, Christopher Stroud and Lionel Wee  Encounters ; 11
371.826914 E24s 2018 Educating refugee-background students : critical issues and dynamic contexts edited by Shawna Shapiro, Raichle Farrelly and Mary Jane Curry New perspectives on language and education ; 59
398.20899922 R895h 1985 The honey tree song : poems and chants of Sarawak Dayaks Rubenstein, Caro
415.6 P853m 2018 Mood Portner, Pau Oxford surveys in semantics and pragmatics ; 5
491.5583421 A881f 2015 Farsi (Persian) for beginners : mastering conversational Farsi Atoofi, Saeid
497.387 H111c 2001 Choctaw language and culture : Chahta Anumpa Haag, Marcia
700.1 S764p 1985 Perceiving the arts : an introduction to the humanities Sporre, Dennis J
700.103 G562k 2011 Global visual cultures : an anthology edited by Zoya Kocur
700.9 F598a 1995 Arts & ideas Fleming, William
709.5 P796c 2007 The Christian story : five Asian artists today Pongracz, Patricia
709.5493 J42t 2004 A time for my singing : witness of a life Jayasuriya, Nalini Marcia
709.598 S252t 2007 Think on these things : harmony and diversity Sasongko, Wisn
709.599 G232w 2011 Where God is : the paintings of Emmanuel Garibay Garibay, Emmanuel
780.89 B736n 2004 Noise of the world : non-western musicians in their own words Bordowitz, Han
780.89 M358b 1985 Beats of the heart : popular music of the world Marre, Jeremy
780.89 W872k 1987 Women and music in cross-cultural perspective edited by Ellen Koskoff
780.8996397 T759c 1970 Chopi musicians: : their music, poetry, and instruments. Tracey, Hugh
780.8997 B588c 1979 A cry from the earth : music of the North American Indians Bierhorst, John
780.89975 P888w 1990 War dance : Plains Indian musical performance Powers, William K.
780.9 E96n 2004 Excursions in world music Bruno Nettl … [et al.]
780.951 L185j 1981 Jade flute : the story of Chinese music Lai, T. C.
780.95694 B676L 1989 “The land where two streams flow” : music in the German-Jewish community of Israel Bohlman, Philip V.
780.959862 T313b 1998 Balinese music Tenzer, Michae
780.9667 W655x 1992 Xylophone music from Ghana Wiggins, Trevor Performance in world music series ; no. 6
780.98 O52m 2002 Music of El Dorado : the ethnomusicology of ancient South American cultures Olsen, Dale A.
780.981 A648m 1983 The music of Brazil Appleby, David P.
781.34 M149s 1993 Machine models of music edited by Stephan M. Schwanauer and David A. Levitt
781.6200973 J89a 1993 American popular music Joyner, David Lee
781.6200973 L875i 1993 Introducing American folk music Lornell, Kip
781.65 M497j 1995 Jazz issues : a critical history Megill, David W.
792.028 B674v 2005 The viewpoints book : a practical guide to viewpoints and composition Bogart, Anne
The Oxford handbook of grammaticalization Oxford handbooks in linguistics