Pledge Toward Our 4TheWorld-Innovation Project

In order to educate leaders from around the world, we rely on technology to bridge the thousands of miles between us. With the discontinuation of Windows 10 support in 2025, the university faces a pressing need to update all computers and systems to Windows 11. To rely on older systems with no Windows support would endanger the quality of our education and service to all of our distance students, anywhere from Florida to Thailand, and everywhere in-between.

Our 4TheWorld-Innovation Project aims to secure the funds necessary to replace 154 computer systems, tablets, video conferencing systems, and printers. Further facility and technology upgrades required include computer mobility, workstations, and video installations.

Please join us on NTX GIVING DAY to raise $25,000 toward our goal. Generous donors are providing $25,000 in matching funds so you can DOUBLE the impact of your gift. (All funds over $50,000 will be directed toward the 4TheWorld campaign.) 

Fill out the form below to pledge to give on NTX Giving Day, or give today if you don’t want to wait – your gift will be doubled either way!