Register for Classses

Registration is completed online using Campus Café. Registration opens March 1st for the Summer and Fall term and September 1st for the Spring term.  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the Dallas International Registrar at 972-708-7536 or for more information about registration.

Steps to Register

After all post-admissions documents have been submitted, you will receive an email with preregistration instructions.  Log in to Campus Café to make your course selections for the upcoming term.  Click on the menu icon at the top, left of the screen and then click on “My Info” and “Register for Classes”.  The top of the registration screen is a list of all courses available.  When you click the ADD button on the far left of a class, the course is moved into your Course Basket below for enrollment. No tuition payment is due at registration.

Registration opens March 1st for the Summer and Fall terms and September 1st for the Spring term.

*Note: Maximum Course Load (graduate credits only) is seventeen graduate credits in twenty weeks, seven graduate credits in an eight-week session, or three and a half graduate credits per any four-week period.

New Students should plan to meet with their Dallas International academic advisor during new student orientation or to contact their academic advisor via email, phone for assistance in selecting courses each term.  The name of your advisor can be found on Campus Café (MY INFO, Contact Information).

*NOTE: Your advisor must approve your schedule before you begin attending classes for each term.

All  tuition and fees are due no later than the day before your first class begins in a term.

Online course payment arrangements are due no later than one week before the online class begins in a term.

Click to learn more about how to pay.

*Note: Students who have not made payment arrangements by the end of the third day of classes will not be permitted to continue attending classes

Requests to drop or add a course, after the course begins, must be submitted using a Student Change Permit form.  NOTE:  Course changes are time sensitive.  The following deadlines apply to all course changes:

ADD – through the 2nd class day
CHANGE – (from credit to audit or vice versa) through the 3rd class day (NOTE: An Audit Permission Form must be submitted and approved by the course instructor in order to audit a course.)
DROP – After Day 3 of each session, a Student Change Permit form must be used to drop/withdraw from a class.

  • 4-week session: through day 7
  • 8-week session: through day 15
  • 12-week session: through day 21
  • 16-week session: through day 30

No transcript record is kept for classes dropped within 3 business days of the first class. After Day 3, a grade of “W” for withdrawal will be assigned for a dropped class.

REFUNDS – calculated according to the class day that the course drop was approved

DAY 1 – 100% tuition and fees (Refunds for audited courses allowed on Day 1 ONLY)
DAY 2, 3 – 75% tuition ONLY
DAY 4, 5, 6 – 25% tuition ONLY
No refunds after Day 6