Kelly D. Walter

Admissions Representative

Kelly D. Walter
Phone: (972) 708-7415
Office: Pike 113

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About Kelly

As a GIAL Admissions Representative, Kelly especially enjoys serving the student body by answering questions, networking, and connecting students with professors. With seven years of experience as a literacy specialist in Cameroon as well as a Master’s degree in TESOL, Kelly shares students’ passion for cross-cultural service. She loves hearing their stories and learning about God’s direction and work in their lives.

Outside of work, Kelly loves to garden and to spend time with her family. Not only does she care for flower and vegetable gardens, but she also occasionally shares that love with GIAL through making flower arrangements for events and weddings and providing colleagues with tomato transplants in the spring. Additionally, Kelly treasures time with friends and family. She looks forward to preparing and sharing meals with others, enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, and likes to host and encourage students in her home on occasion. She graciously serves students who, in turn, will serve the world!

Other Interesting Facts

Kelly has served as Admissions Representative at GIAL for about 8 years.

She has an undergraduate degree in Landscape Design and Horticulture.

She speaks French (passably).

Having married later in life, she found special hope and encouragement in Matthew 19:29 and has seen God fulfill it in her life through “children” and “family” in Cameroon and now a family of her own who live here in the area.