L. Rodney Jenkins

Vice President Finance

L. Rodney Jenkins
Email: rod_jenkins@diu.edu
Phone: (972) 708-7369

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About L.

Rod serves GIAL in a variety of ways as Vice President of Finance. He supervises the recording of financial activity and the annual audit of those records. Each year, he facilitates the creation of the budget for the coming year and provides reports to management on performance compared to those budgets. He also prepares the Form 990 each year as well as assists with numerous reports to various state regulators.

Rod is also involved in the continual management and improvement in the campus wide, integrated software system called Campus Café, which he helped select and install.

Preparation for this position included earning a BS in Accounting and an MBA and passing the CPA exam. While pursuing these, and in subsequent years, Rod accrued 40 years of experience in financial management, primarily in retail and wholesale organizations.

He became aware of Wycliffe through members at his church and volunteered to help with some internal auditing assignments. This led to the connection with GIAL and in early 2011, Rod retired from industry and joined GIAL.

Other Interesting Facts

Rod likes to travel and has been on short-term trips to Venezuela, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Cuba.

His hobbies include skiing, museums and wood working. His most recent project was a Murphy bed.