Liana Saffel

Administrative Assistant

Liana Saffel
Phone: (972) 708-7340
Office: Pike 111

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About Liana

As the Administrative Assistant, Liana enjoys facilitating communication between individuals and encouraging collaboration among groups of people. She is constantly learning as she connects questions with answers and needs with resources. Her work is a fun combination of a few routines intermixed with an unpredictable variety of other tasks and projects. She is thankful to have been given a role within a team of coworkers who cultivate a supportive and encouraging environment in which staff, faculty, and students are encouraged to learn and grow.

Other Interesting Facts
Liana was a G.I.A.L. Student before she joined the school staff.

Liana’s B.A. from Union University (Jackson, TN) is in Biblical Languages.

Liana finds that keeping a gratitude journal has a noticeable impact on her perspective and attitude.

Liana enjoys outdoor activities (hiking, skiing, rock-climbing, canoeing, etc.); but prefers staying in a cabin with a hot shower available rather than true ‘camping’.