Matt Long

Director of Information Services

Matt Long
Phone: (972) 708-7574

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About Matt

Students and staff alike appreciate how approachable Matt is in his role on GIAL’s computer support team.  Before stepping into his role in IT, Matt received an M.A. from GIAL with a major in Applied Linguistics in 2006 and worked for several years in Southeast Asia. He and his wife, Carol, met at GIAL when they were students and still have fond memories of playing ping pong in the Guest House.  He enjoys working on the GIAL website and GIAL Online as well as helping staff and students with their IT needs.

Other interesting Facts:
– Matt is originally from Arkansas and his wife teases him for how he pronounces a few words (e.g. he pronounces crayons the same way most people say “crowns”)

– He plays piano and guitar.

– He enjoys taking his family to the Cedar Hill State Park for hikes and picnics.