Ever since she was a child, Ann had wanted to work cross-culturally. She was especially impacted by her aunt and uncle, who worked cross-culturally, and by her church, which is supportive of cross-cultural ministry. Later, Ann went on to graduate with her linguistics B.A. from the University of California. Since Ann had some Brazilian friends in high school, she became interested in work there. Curious about what type of ministry she could do in Brazil, she started researching Brazilians’ specific needs and learned some about the unreached people groups there.

Eventually, God placed Ann in the very country she had grown to love. There, she serves alongside a local church through evangelism, logistics work, and children’s ministry among four different indigenous tribes on the upper Amazon River, some of whom are unreached. She looks for opportunities to visit individuals as God leads, help others with practical everyday tasks, and encourage new believers in the Lord. Ann also assists short-term medical workers with Portuguese interpretation as they serve Brazilians in her area.

God designed for Ann to have the same supporting church as Dallas International Director of CEWA, Dr. Robin Harris. He also arranged for them to meet at a conference at that church, where Robin told her about Dallas International’s World Arts program. Realizing the Brazilian people she served had a need to experience Scripture through their culture’s own art forms, Ann took several World Arts classes at Dallas International not long after meeting Robin.

One of the Brazilian people groups living on the river negotiates and debates issues in chants. Using her World Arts training, Ann would like to study this chant art form and explore whether or not Christian teachings can be transmitted through it.

Currently, Ann is taking Dallas International’s Oral Translation course to prepare for possibly serving in oral Bible translation work in Brazil as well. Join us in praying for God to give Ann and her team strength, wisdom, unity, and reliance on him in all their work. Please pray as well that God will provide oral translation workers for these Brazilian groups. Finally, let’s ask and trust the Holy Spirit for breakthroughs in these people’s hearts through his living and active Word!