Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fees for 2020-2021

Undergraduate-level courses $340 per credit hour
Graduate-level courses (including AL5406 and AL5207) $500 per credit hour
Audit courses (Undergraduate-level courses) $290 per credit hour
Audit courses (Graduate-level courses) $430 per credit hour

General Fees

Application Fee (non-refundable) $50
Late Application Fee $50
Learning Resources fee (non-refundable) $40 per credit hour
Student Activity Fee (for students taking on-campus courses) $50 per term
Registration Fee $30 per term
Multiple Payment Fee (each payment after the first payment) $25

Additional Fees

Language consultant for course AA4505 (SLACA) $170
Language consultant for courses AC4343 (Colloquial Arabic) $200
Language consultant for courses AL4406 & AL5406 (Field Methods) $200
Language consultant for course AL5317 (Language Documentation) $130
Distance Education Fee $50 per online course
Graduation Fee (non-refundable) $100
Thesis-Binding Fee for 2 copies (non-refundable) $60
Transcript Fee (official/cost of first copy/non-refundable) $10 ($5 per additional copy)

Financial Aid Opportunities

Work Study (up to 100 hours) $10 per hour
King’s Scholarship or other DIU named scholarship Approximately 25% of tuition per term
Townsend Scholarship (for new members of Wycliffe USA) Up to 40% of tuition per term
Veterans Benefits Up to 100% of Tuition

Housing and Other Expenses (rough estimates)

Regular Higher End
On-campus Housing (Guest House, shared room) includes weekday lunch meals, utilities, wifi $400/mo.
Off-campus Housing (varies), 1–4 bdrm home (utilities additional) $250/mo. $1,300/mo.
Additional Meals and Personal Expenses (preparing meals at home) $150/mo. $300/mo.
Textbooks $25/mo. $50/mo.
Health Insurance variable