DIU President Scott Berthiaume invites you to explore what Dallas International University has to offer. Find out what is so special about this university in Dallas, Texas!

DIU’s programs in less than a minute

Learn about the different programs offered at DIU in less than a minute!

Visit Dallas International University!

We invite you to come explore Dallas International University in person! You can tour the campus, meet faculty, sit in on classes and more. You can join us for one of our Campus Preview Days or come for a personal visit! Check out our Visit DIU page for more info.

Language and Culture Studies (M.A.) – Rob’s story

After living and working in Africa, Rob returned to DIU to complete a Master’s degree focused on literacy and education. He shares some of what he loves about the program along with how he and his wife balance classes and family life with their small children.  Learn more about this specific program on our Language and Culture Studies page.

Applied Linguistics (M.A.) – Matthew’s story

Explore DIU’s Applied Linguistics program with Matthew as he prepares to become a Bible Translator.  He shares about the faculty, resources, and community that he has discovered since becoming a student here.  Check out this specific program on our MA with major in Applied Linguistics page.

International Service (B.A.) – Mary’s story

As a student in DIU’s International Service B.A. program, Mary shares about why she came to DIU as well as some of the joys and challenges she has faced.  Picture yourself in Mary’s shoes?  Visit our BA with major in International Service page for more information.

World Arts (M.A.) – Hoiling’s story

Discover what World Arts is all about through Hoiling’s eyes. She shares some of her amazing experiences and the relationships she has built since coming to DIU. Explore this unique program by visiting the Center for Excellence in World Arts.

What are DIU’s faculty like?

While you can learn a lot about DIU’s faculty from their credentials and profile pages, this video gives a glimpse of what DIU students think of their professors.

What is DIU’s campus like?

Get a feel for what students and faculty love about our campus. Although DIU’s campus is located on the International Linguistics Center in Dallas, Texas, it is far from your typical big city campus. Check out our Visit DIU page to come see for yourself!

Glimpses of life at DIU

Life at Dallas International University has many facets. This video encapsulating a year at DIU shows some of the many faces and events of life here.

Monolingual Demonstrations

The monolingual method has the linguist working with a native speaker of an exotic language to learn words in the speaker’s language, analyze sounds and structures, and demonstrate what a field linguist would do if he were in a place with no translator at all. This method was developed by Kenneth Pike, world-renowned linguist, poet, and professor, and it utilizes skills taught in the Certificate in Applied Linguistics program at Dallas International University.