Dallas International University earnestly desires to conduct all of its business in an ethical and honest manner, and in compliance with all of its published policies. This policy is established to encourage correction of observed violations, and to protect from retribution those individuals who report violations. Applications of this policy include, but are not limited to, allegations of financial misdealing, either by Dallas International University, or by employees, staff and faculty (hereafter referred to as “workforce”) and board members of Dallas International University. For allegations of misconduct involving moral lapse see policy #11, Moral Lapse.

Those individuals who suspect instances of wrongdoing, either by Dallas International University, or by a member of the DIU Board or workforce, are encouraged to take responsibility to help rectify the situation. The preferred initial course of action would be direct correspondence or interview with the offending party or parties. If the question cannot be resolved privately, then the matter should be brought to a senior administrator, or to the President. However, such approaches may not always be productive, or the individual making the allegations may not be comfortable in this situation.

Dallas International University therefore undertakes that all written allegations of unethical or dishonest conduct, whether by the institution or by a member of its workforce or Board, will be investigated. Written and/or anonymous allegations should be directed to the Board Chair or if this individual is involved, to the university President.

Dallas International University further undertakes that the institution will not subject those reporting violations of DIU policies to retribution or reprisals of any kind, and this policy prohibits members of its workforce or Board from any such acts of reprisal or retribution. If disciplinary action is needed against individuals violating this prohibition, it shall be conducted in accordance with the procedures as outlined under Dallas International University Discipline and Appeal Procedures.