Why Dallas International University?

Dallas International University has a lot to offer, especially if you ever plan to work in a cross-cultural setting. Check out the reasons our students choose Dallas International over other options.

Top 10 reasons to choose Dallas International

1. Field-experienced faculty

Dallas International faculty have hundreds of years of combined field experience! They not only have the academic credentials to wow their students, they have real hands on life experience in their area of expertise.  They treat their students as colleagues as they mentor them through their time at Dallas International. View our Faculty Profiles to get to know more about our Dallas International faculty.

2. Amazing student to faculty ratio

With classes rarely exceeding 20 students, Dallas International students get a lot of one-on-one interaction with their instructors.  Some courses even have teams of instructors, giving each group of 3-4 students their own staff consultant for more specialized attention and training.

3. Low tuition

Dallas International strives to keep tuition prices low so students can avoid accumulating debt during their studies.  Visit our Tuition & Fees page for current tuition prices. No hidden fees!

4. Accredited degree programs

Our accreditation by SACSCOC (Southern Association of Colleges, Schools and Commission on Colleges) assures students of a quality education and a continued commitment to integrity in the programs we offer.

5. Career focused programs

Whether students want to do language survey in the jungles of Southeast Asia or develop mother tongue literacy programs in Africa, Dallas International has the courses they need to prepare for these roles.  Dallas International offers several different programs that are especially geared for specific cross-cultural roles.  Visit our Degrees & Programs page for more details.

6. Financial Aid opportunities

Many of our students receive financial aid each term.  Don’t miss the Financial Aid opportunities available! Visit our Financial Aid page for more information.

7. Veterans Benefits accepted

Qualified veterans can use their Veterans Benefits at Dallas International!

8. Online courses

Each year Dallas International offers more courses online.  Click to view a list of current online courses.

9. A campus like no other

Dallas International is located on the International Linguistics Center (ILC) in Dallas, Texas.  The ILC is a hub for several organizations including SIL International, Wycliffe Bible Translators, and Pioneer Bible Translators, giving students a unique opportunity to rub shoulders with a variety of campus visitors from all over the world.  The campus is surrounded by quiet woods with several miles of hiking trails.

10. Alumni all over the world

Dallas International alumni serve with over 60 different organizations in over 75 different countries around the world.  Will you join them?