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Note to the reader: This issue of GIALens celebrates the 75th anniversary of Eduard Alekseyev’s birth and highlights his contribution to ethnomusicology scholarship in general, and his scholarly work connected to the Sakha epic music and story-telling tradition of olonkho in particular. The articles featured in this issue have been written by just a few of his many friends and colleagues, but all of them are connected in some way to his collection of field recordings which are housed in the Archive of World Music at Harvard’s Loeb Music Library.

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Introduction to Festschrift for Eduard Alekseyev
by Robin P. Harris
Assistant Professor; Coordinator of MA in World Arts 
Dallas International University

Eduard Alekseyev: One of the Founders of Sakha Ethnomusicology
by Anna S. Larionova, Director of the Yakut Folklore Division at the Institute of Humanities and Problems of Minorities of the North (Yakutsk, Russian Federation)
with Robin P. Harris, Dallas International University

The Performance Tradition of the Sakha Heroic Epic Olonkho and its Transformations in Modern Life­­­ 
by Vasilii V. Illarionov, Chair of the Department of Folklore and Cultures at the Institute of Languages and Cultures of the Peoples of the Northeast of Russia (Yakutsk, Russian Federation)
and translated from Russian by Robin P. Harris, Dallas International University

Olonkho in the Eduard Alekseyev Fieldwork Collection of Harvard University
by Ghilyana Dordzhieva, ethnomusicologist
and Liza Vick, Music Reference and Research Services Librarian at the Loeb Music Library, Harvard University